Среда 1 января 2020 in Radio Podcast, Moscow
Start: 21:00

Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that for so long and long hatching idea of ​​creating your own project has finally come to its logical conclusion. Having gathered our thoughts and strengths, we are launching a new musical project called DOUBLEKILL. Our duet will try to do everything possible to make itself felt in the New Year. And of course we will delight our listeners with new tracks, because without you we are nobody.
Especially for our new listeners, we have prepared musical compositions. We hope that you will appreciate them.
We want to spend the past year with you. It was very difficult for all of us, but we took into account all the mistakes and are ready to move forward in the New Year 2020!

HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR FRIENDS. Happiness, success and prosperity - let them be your faithful companions in the coming year.

How to get to Live Fest?

1 Time
Eternal Hunger
2 Wild VIP
Snails & Antiserum
3 VIP's
Skrillex & MUST DIE!
4 Feel The Beat (feat. Rhiannon Roze)
VOLAC, Neon Steve & Rumpus
5 Tropicana
Valentino Khan & Wiwek
6 Fricken Dope
7 Crackshot
Moody Good & Leotrix
8 Mumbai Power (feat. Beam)
Skrillex feat. Beam
9 Space Invaders (EH!DE Remix)
Teminite & MDK
10 Jungle Fury
11 Fate VIP
12 Snailephant VIP
Snails & Wooli
13 Amsterdamned (Album Version)
Yellow Claw
14 Tear It Up (feat. Big Ali)
Snails & Carbin
15 Booty Bounce (Lil Jawn Super U
GTA & DJ Funk
16 The Violence (Sikdope Remix)
Asking Alexandria
17 System Overload (feat. Virus Syndicate)
Snails & Kompany
18 First Blood (Extended Mix) - DOUBLEKILL
19 Blood (feat. Georgia Ku)
Getter, Adair feat. Georgia Ku
20 Young & Dangerous
Zomboy feat. Kato

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